Anyone who is willing to follow our Code of Conduct and who participates in any of the club’s events or social media platforms can register to be a Pre-Member. This status allows you to make posts and schedule games on our social media platforms such as our Discord Server and Facebook Group. You are also welcome to participate in all of our open-to-the-public events, such as the Weekly Miniatures Workshop and intro level events. Until we have the infrastructure to accept payments or print membership cards , Pre-Members will receive all of the perks of being a Full Member.

Full Member

For a $5 lifetime membership fee, a Full Member gets to participate in major narrative campaigns and organized play events such as tournaments or leagues. Full Members are also the first to be considered when selecting volunteers to represent the Nocturnes at conventions such as Gen Con. This membership goes a long way in helping us maintain the web pages and Event Calendar, and will pave the way for some of our plans as outlined in the Support Us page. A Member’s $5 lifetime membership fee can also be applied to their first payment as an Astral Member when it becomes available.

Certified GM

Full Members who stand out as reliable and knowledgeable players will be considered for a promotion to Certified GM. GM’s gain certain administrative privileges on the club’s social media platforms, and more importantly they can host their own official club events, which will appear on the Event Calendar. To become a Certified GM, either volunteer to help run existing events that interest you, or take the initiative to schedule games on either Discord or the Facebook group. In the future there will be an application process, but for now if we are impressed with your help, we’ll contact you.

Astral Member

Stay tuned for details