Support Us

While we have already accomplished a great deal in terms of hosting gaming and hobby events for the community, there is much more that we would like to accomplish. Our first multi-game system campaign Vigilus: Under Seige is currently underway, marking the first of our immersive narrative experiences. Supported leagues and tournaments are just over the horizon. We would like to develop our own GM certification program so that members of our community can organize their own events in an official capacity. Eventually we would like to rent or purchase a building to house the club, with dedicated tables and terrain, a games and minis library, a hobby room stocked with tools and paint, and a fridge! We have some lofty goals, and could really use your help in achieving those goals.

Until we have the infrastructure set up to receive payments or donations, you can support us by sharing our page and events on social media, joining the Discord Server to participate in the community, and supporting the shops and organizations that lend us their space.

  • Artisan alley: Provides us with space to host our weekly Miniatures Workshop events and occasionally Game Night events.
  • The Game Preserve, Bloomington: Provides us with space and terrain for our Miniature Wargaming events including the Vigilus: Under Siege campaign.
  • The Common Room: A locally owned game store that provides us with a place to play RPG’s, Board Games, and Card Games.