Code of Conduct

Guests and Members of the Nocturnes Tabletop Gaming Guild are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct while attending any club-affiliated events, using club-affiliated spaces, and interacting with club-affiliated websites and social media accounts. This is not a comprehensive list, and anything that violates the spirit of the Code of Conduct will be reviewed by a GM or Board Member.

Who is a Member

For the purposes of the Code of Conduct, a Member is anyone who has paid their lifetime-membership fee who has not then been suspended or banned from the organization.

Who is a Guest

For the purposes of the Code of Conduct, a Guest is anyone who has not paid their lifetime-membership fee, and is participating in club-affiliated events, using club-affiliated spaces, or interacting with club-affiliated websites and social media accounts.

Respect People

  • Anything that qualifies as an off-limits discussion as outlined later in the Code of Conduct should be avoided.
  • Contributing to a hostile environment will not be tolerated. This includes Racial Slurs, Harassment, and other disrespectful behavior. Profanity should be avoided in all-ages environments.
  • Practice good sportsmanship. Unsporting behavior such as cheating, excessive complaining about draws/die rolls, table-flipping, and offering repeated unwelcome advice or coaching will get you in trouble.
  • Practice good hygiene and dress appropriately. If you attend a club-affiliated event or space with insufficient clothes or with excessive body odor you may be asked to leave.

Respect Property

  • Exercise care with furniture, terrain, or any property that belongs to the club or is being used in-conjunction-with a club activity. This means making a concerted effort to prevent damage to it, keep it clean and tidy, and not leave trash or other waste.
  • Ask Permission before touching or moving anything that belongs to another person. This includes miniatures, books, or dice even in a game that you are playing with that person.
  • Keep food and drinks away from game materials that could be damaged by a spill or grease. Wash your hands after eating before returning to your game or activity.

Respect Digital Spaces

  • The policies listed under “Respect People” continue to apply in digital spaces, such as the official website, message board, discord server, social media accounts, etc.
  • Trolling is strictly prohibited.
  • Follow the guidelines set by the individual digital spaces such as topic guidelines, restrictions on advertising, language restrictions, etc.

Respect the Club

  • Intentional or otherwise, activity that harms the reputation of the organization is prohibited. This includes Slander, serving the club in an official capacity while intoxicated, or speaking on behalf of the organization without permission from an administrator among other things.
  • Polite and respectful and accurate reviews, ratings, or publications about the organization are exempt from this policy (even if they are negative).
  • The formation of and promotion of a new organization, club, or business that competes directly with the Nocturnes Tabletop Gaming Guild is prohibited except with written permission from an administrator.

Off-Limits Discussions

  • Nudity or discussions of a sexual nature, and anything that would qualify as pornogrophy. (nudity that is not sexual is exempt, but tread carefully).
  • Drug references, except for fictional drugs in the context of a game (such as Ghast).
  • Excessively violent language or descriptions.
  • Religion, except for fictional religions in the context of a game (such as the Emperor of Mankind).
  • Politics, except for fictional politics in the context of a game (such as the Watermelon Bridge Treaty)

Consequences for violating the code of conduct include…

  • A member who brings one or more guests are responsible for the conduct of those guests. A member may suffer the consequences of their guests’ misconduct.
  • Informal verbal or written warning in the case of a minor offense or near-offense.
  • Formal written warning added to your official club record in the case of a minor offense.
  • Being disqualified from an event and asked to leave the premises in the case of a moderate or immediate offense. Disqualified players forfeit their entry fee.
  • Being temporarily banned from club-affiliated events by an administrator, and/or from club-affiliated digital spaces in the case of a moderate offense.
  • Suspension from the organization by an administrator, which includes losing their membership status for a serious offense. Suspended former members can re-apply for status after a minimum period of time as dictated by an administrator provided that all mandated reparations have been made to the offended parties.
  • Permanent ban from the organization, its affiliated events, and club-affiliated digital spaces by an administrator, which includes losing their membership status for a serious offense.
  • Affected parties can choose to file an appeal, after which an administrator will conduct an investigation

If you witness or experience behavior that contributes to a hostile environment…

  • Ask the offender to stop, but only if you are comfortable doing so. If it is a minor offense, and the person is not being combative or threatening that might end the behavior.
  • Ask another GM or Administrator for help if there is one at or around the event. It is the duty of a GM or Administrator to prevent club environments from becoming hostile.
  • Report it to a GM or Administrator, either online or by phone. Contact information for a GM or Administrator can be found either on your membership card, the club website, or on a flyer for any club event.
  • Leave the Area. It can be helpful to come up with an excuse to leave, like checking your phone and pretending that there is a family or work emergency so that you have the chance to pack up your belongings.
  • Contact the Police or Appropriate Authorities. You health and safety is the highest priority. If medical or law enforcement assistance is needed, make the call or ask a GM or administrator to make the call.

Last Edited 2/4/2019