Check this page regularly to stay informed on the club’s latest events! Google Calendar coming soon

Exhibiting at Makevention

The Nocturnes will be exhibiting at a free makers convention in the Bloomington Convention Center on Saturday, August 24th from 10am-4pm! Click here for details.

*New* Necromunda: Crime and Conquest

With the release of the Book of Judgement and Book of Peril supplements, we are kicking off a new campaign on Saturday September 21st! Challenge players for territory and criminal enterprises any day of the week via the Discord server, or play at the Game Preserve Bloomington weekly on Saturdays or at Twisted every-other Wednesday for a live-streamed rumble. You can join with your own 1,000 credit Necromunda gang, or take the reigns of one of our Loaner Gangs which anyone can step in and play as.

Miniatures Workshop

Miniatures Workshop is an open environment for hobbyists and gamers to get together and craft! Bring a project and whatever paints and supplies you have, and we will provide table space, tools, brushes, and expertise on almost any facet of the hobby side of miniatures games. Demonstrations of specific hobby techniques are available on request: Just head over to the #hobby channel of the Discord Server.

  • Most Saturdays from 11am to 2pm at Twisted