Gen Con 2019 Schedule

Warhammer 40,000

If you want to play a huge battle with a small army, then join one of our Warhammer 40k Mini-Pocalypse events! You bring a 500 point force to a team-based 12 player battle across the hive-sprawls of Vigilus!

Thursday 2pm-6pm: NMN19148080
Saturday 6pm-midnight: NMN19148081

Kill Team

New to Warhammer? Kill Team is a great entry point for the game, and we are willing to teach you the ropes in our Kill Team Intro Play events!

Thursday 12pm-4pm: NMN19148082
Thursday 4pm-8pm: NMN19148083
Friday 2pm-6pm: NMN19148087

Once you are familiar enough with the rules, if you have your own team built you can try your hand at one of our Kill Team Mini-Leage events!

Friday 10am-2pm: NMN19148090
Friday 6pm-10pm: NMN19148091
Saturday 10am-2pm: NMN19148092

If you’d rather just have a couple friendly games in a low pressure environment, there are also Kill Team Casual Play events!

Saturday 2pm-6pm: NMN19148088
Saturday 6pm-10pm: NMN19148089


If you are itching for some dystopian sci-fi skirmish action, Necromunda is the perfect choice. Cut your teeth on a Necromunda Intro Play event!

Friday 10am-2pm: NMN19148084
Friday 6pm-10pm: NMN19148085
Saturday 10am-2pm: NMN19148086

Once you’ve got your bearings, either bring a gang or borrow one for a Necromunda Campaign Session. Play in any session you’d like, but your gang’s earnings and xp can carry-over form one session to the next!

Friday 2pm-6pm: NMN19148093
Saturday 2pm-6pm: NMN19148094
Sunday 10am-2pm: NMN19148095


If you need a break from all the gaming to wind down and play with some yarn, you can take a Beginner Crochet workshop!

Friday 10am-12pm: WKS19154771
Saturday 12pm-2pm: WKS19154779

If you know the basics, then Intermediate Crochet might be up your alley.

Friday 12pm-2pm WKS19154775

For people who know their way around their hook, we have a couple of more advanced crochet workshops for specific patterns. One of last’s year’s events, the Dragon Egg Dice Bag workshop, is back again!

Friday 2pm-4pm: WKS19154777

We will also be hosting a crochet workshop for Dragonscale Bracers!

Saturday 2pm-4pm: WKS19154781

Dungeons and Dragons

It just wouldn’t be GEN CON without some D&D. This year we are hosting just one session first thing in the morning on Thursday to kick off the convention! A bit early for a Hopping Mad Adventure don’t you think?

Thursday 8am-12pm: RPG19154749