Exhibiting at Makevention!

Makevention is a free makers convention that takes place yearly at the Bloomington Convention Center, and the Nocturnes will be exhibiting this year! On Saturday August 24th from 10am-4pm we will be joining Blooming Labs to host some tabletop gaming related activities.

From 10am to noon there will be a terrain building seminar where I showcase some techniques for constructing scifi, fantasy, and natural terrain features out of recycled materials. Each participant will get a bag of supplies to use, and there will be stations for cutting, gluing, and for using specialized tools. Everyone gets to take home what they make and whatever supplies from their bag that they didn’t use, along with some instructions for how they should paint their terrain safely.

Then from noon until 4pm I’ll be at my exhibitor’s space running game demos for some skirmish miniatures games. One station will be for War Cry, the new fantasy skirmish game by Games Workshop, and the other will be set for Necromunda, for which we will be running our next big campaign. It should be a good chance for people to see what these games are all about and hopefully learn a thing or two as well!

You can check out the details for the event on its facebook page here:


Vigilus Campaign Cycle 1 Results

After two bitter weeks of battles, the first cycle of the Vigilus Campaign comes to a close. With all scoring games recorded and outcomes determined, war rages on!

Fighting on Dontoria was fierce and looked bleak for the Imperium. After exchanging blows, the forces of the astartes were unable to press the attack and were forced to regroup. (neither force was weakened)

The forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus on the other hand were successful in isolating a cell of the Genestealer Cult. The retainer force was unable to escape, and the main army was driven away unable to make an extraction. The Imperium now has a firm control of all of Megaborealis, a critical source of Minerals.

The forces of Chaos in Storvhal were soundly defeated, but its bitter conflict with the Orks cut off its escape. The following raid knocked out some of the communications capabilities of the chaos army, subjecting them to a Pathing Error.

The Craftworld forces were repelled at the capital of Hyperia, the seat of power for Calgar himself. In addition, the Planetary Guard forces to the south managed to repel a full-scale incursion from Dirkden.

Oteck is ablaze with conflict. Raiders penetrated deep into the hive city’s mainland, scooping up workers, and threatening the planet’s main water supply. Orks took advantage of the chaos, riding in from the south. A force also crashed into the northern forcefield, and since suffered a Transport Hindered.

Mortwald was similarly thrown into chaos. Though the Genestealer Cult army was forced back, a precision strike from the Craftworld Forces disabled the force fields on the northern province of the hive sprawl despite the best efforts of the Astartes. Then fighting to secure the outskirts from Ork attacks, the marines are pressed on two fronts with Damaged Munitions.

With armies focused on securing the hive cities, contact with the water collection facilities on Kaelac’s Bane was lost. The fate of those outposts is not known for certain, but one can assume what might have happened there.

Now begins the Roster Upkeep and Reinforcements step for the end of cycle 1, and with it the prompt for Cycle 2 is now available. See the attached document below for details on how to add reinforcements based on the results from Cycle 1.